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Pentadron® Now Launched!!


Pentadron® is now to be launced by Image Mission Inc!
It was discovered by a Japanese Mathematitian, Jin Akiyama and his friends in 2008.
It is an element of parallelohedra, with 384pcs of Pentadron® you can form all 5 Parallelohedra.
This newly launced product, “Pentadron®”, has 12 pieces Pentadron® in a box, and you can
try to construct a cube out of them! It is a puzzle and fun to play with, aside the fact that
it is being an amazing discovery of a form!

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Tokyo Toy Fair 2013

There will be an exciting Tokyo International Toy Fair held on June 13 to 17, 2013!
Image Misssion Inc. will have a stand at 4-9.
We will be showing PlanToys and its exciting new products of this year, 4M, both girls and boys new items as well as Zometool
form the USA! Please come and visit us, get in touch with us at +81-54-200-2818!
Saturday and Sunday are the public days, where many children will have fun visiting the show!

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Green Company, Green Toys, Plantoys!

Green Company, Green Toys, Plantoys!

We are the Plantoy-Lover. Plantoys meets our criteria of selecting toys, ie. “Natural, Real, and Scientific”.

Plantoys has been pursuing to use the organic and natural material without

chemicals over 25 years now, while its design is the most innovative and

natural at the same time which is loved by children in 67 countries in

the world, and receiving many eminent awards such as Spiel Gut. It is also

highly scientific in the sense that is designed based on their profound

research and understanding of developmental psychology and studies.

All PlanToys begins with clean, natural rubberwood recycled from rubber trees no longer able to produce latex. 3 years before the wood is used, no fertilizer is added so that the wood stays chemical free. Moreover, to stabilize the wood PlanToys uses a time consuming chemical-free kiln drying process.
Plantoys is the first Thai Toy manufacturer in the world to have successfully recycled rubberwood to make toys. Look at these cute designs!! The warmth in the products invite children to touch. They are outstanding not only in their design also in safety. Their products are additive-free and coated with non-toxic coloring. By doing so, Plantoys hopes not only to contribute to the sustainable environment of our mother earth, but also to be able to convey the message of the importance of caring our environment when children play with toys by telling them where their toys are coming from. They have wonderful philosophy in their products; Fundamentally Strong, Fun to Play, and Play and Learn in Harmony withe nature.
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GEOBALLS is a kit to construct 18 polyhedra made of paper without needing
to use glue.  Continue reading
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ZOMETOOL is one of the best multi-dimension construction and space changer
kits. They have been used by leading mathematicians, scientists and architects
around the world including NASA and MIT inU.S.A. The late Dr. Linus Carl Pauling, Dr. Roger Penrose and Dr. John Conway
are those who have sent praises to ZOMETOOL. ZOMETOOL made their debut as a children toy at NY toy show in 1995. Since November,
2000, we have been the sole representative of ZOMETOOL inJapan. Continue reading
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Disaster in Japan and Thanks to the World

Since March 11, when the M9.0 Earthquake hit the norther part of Japan and the devastatinf Tunami attacked the coast side of Tohoku area, the whole country has been in

mourning for the loss of so many people and their housed.  On top of the sorrow, there is

the endangered crisis of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant that was damaged by the

earthquake and Tunami that is giving us the worries every day since then.  We only hope for the early settlement of the problem to bring back the peaceful daily life to everybody

in Japan as well as to the people in the world.

We have been so grateful and encouraged by all the concerns and cheers from friends all over the world.  You have been so much power to us in the time of hardship.  We thank you for your kind friendship and for your warm thoughts for us.

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