Announcement of the Winners of Image Mission Award!

In Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of

The Society for Science on Form

Image Mission Award 2006

The Best Award: Mr. Motonaga Ishii 

The Second Best Award: Ms. Naoko Kishimoto 

Fine Works: Ms. Machiko Ohta and Ms. Miyako Tanaka (Kameishi Minami high school) 

Honorable Mention: Mr. Kenji Nagai(affiliating Japan Zome Club) 

「Let’s Make a 4D Cube」

Mr. Hiroto Shoji

「Spontaneously Composed Minimal-Phase Double Gyroid Structure」

What’s Image Mission Award?

Image Mission Award was recruited from November, 2005 to July, 2006 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Society for Science on Form.
This award was given by Image Mission Inc, the sole agent of the wonderful mathematical construction kit, Zometool, in order to widely publicize the activities of the Society as well as the use of Zometool.
Elaborate works on construction of forms and its study by using Zome were applied for the award and
the Judging Committee selected among the Society for Science on Form met several times to discuss the works to carefully select the winners.

The above winners and their wonderful works were announced at the end of 2006,
and the awards were given by Image Mission Inc.
The formal ceremony of the award is going to be held at the 63 Symposium of the Society for Science on Form, at Tokyo University on Science in June, 2007.

The Judging Committee members are as follow in alphabetical order:

Dr. Koji Miyazaki, Dr. Yasushi Ogawa, Dr. Ryuji Takaki, Dr. Masami Tanemura, Dr. 

Eiji Tokunaga. The coordinator of the Judging Committee is Dr.Shu Matsuura.

Society for Science on Form, Japan:

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