Disaster in Japan and Thanks to the World

Since March 11, when the M9.0 Earthquake hit the norther part of Japan and the devastatinf Tunami attacked the coast side of Tohoku area, the whole country has been in

mourning for the loss of so many people and their housed.  On top of the sorrow, there is

the endangered crisis of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant that was damaged by the

earthquake and Tunami that is giving us the worries every day since then.  We only hope for the early settlement of the problem to bring back the peaceful daily life to everybody

in Japan as well as to the people in the world.

We have been so grateful and encouraged by all the concerns and cheers from friends all over the world.  You have been so much power to us in the time of hardship.  We thank you for your kind friendship and for your warm thoughts for us.

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