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2013年も残すところあとわずかとなりましたが、今年1年間も皆様方に大変お世話になり、どうもありがとうございました! 2014年もおもちゃを通して社会に貢献できるよう、日々努力を重ねていきたいと考えております。年が明けて … Continue reading

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Pentadron® Now Launched!!

Pentadron Pentadron® is now to be launced by Image Mission Inc! It was discovered by a Japanese Mathematitian, Jin Akiyama and his friends in 2008. It is an element of parallelohedra, with 384pcs of Pentadron® you can form all 5 … Continue reading

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Tokyo Toy Fair 2013

There will be an exciting Tokyo International Toy Fair held on June 13 to 17, 2013! Image Misssion Inc. will h … Continue reading

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Green Company, Green Toys, Plantoys!

Green Company, Green Toys, Plantoys! We are the Plantoy-Lover. Plantoys meets our criteria of selecting toys, ie. “Natural, Real, and Scientific”. Plantoys has been pursuing to use the organic and natural material without chemicals over 25 years now, while its … Continue reading

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GEOBALLS is a kit to construct 18 polyhedra made of paper without needing to use glue. 

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  ZOMETOOL is one of the best multi-dimension construction and space changer kits. They have been used by leading mathematicians, scientists and architects around the world including NASA and MIT inU.S.A. The late Dr. Linus Carl Pauling, Dr. Roger Penrose … Continue reading

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  We are the sole agent of Japan.

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Disaster in Japan and Thanks to the World

Since March 11, when the M9.0 Earthquake hit the norther part of Japan and the devastatinf Tunami attacked the coast side of Tohoku area, the whole country has been in mourning for the loss of so many people and their … Continue reading

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