The logo mark of Image Mission Inc. is originated from the fourth- dimensional image of a cube. It is called “Hypercube” in English, and in Japanese, it is translated as “Super Cube”. The fourth dimension is the mathematical fourth dimension, which represents the assumed space constructed by axis X,Y, Z, and F crossing each at the angle of 90 degrees. The thrilling idea of hyper-space was given by Prof. Koji Miyazaki who is an expert of polyhedra in hyperspace.

Our business purpose is to convey messages to children for the next generation and to all people who have younger heart about “Natural, Real and Science” which we consider is the scaffolding of the products we produce and import. There is no border to it and we are open to the world, trying to send and receive messages to and from globally.

Toys and Hobbies are sure to be integrated along with the cultural development.
It is our task to search and produce such products that will bring wonders, findings and happiness among friends and families.

We call it the pace for intelligence. A pace is a spot that people pass by and stop when they shift places up and down, where people have a break and feel relieved to stop, and greet to each other feeling open and close to each other.  We think toys and hobbies could be said to be equivalent to such places in terms of intellectual development.

In the year of 2011, we look forward to the next decade to proceed further.


April 8, 2011

Noriko Maehata  President
Kenji Maehata   Chairman

Image Mission Inc.

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