ZOMETOOL is one of the best multi-dimension construction and space changer
kits. They have been used by leading mathematicians, scientists and architects
around the world including NASA and MIT inU.S.A. The late Dr. Linus Carl Pauling, Dr. Roger Penrose and Dr. John Conway
are those who have sent praises to ZOMETOOL. ZOMETOOL made their debut as a children toy at NY toy show in 1995. Since November,
2000, we have been the sole representative of ZOMETOOL inJapan.
URL http://www.zometool.com
Zometool: Model Kit of the Space Age 

Astonishing model kit of the space age; that is Zometool. How come such simple parts can create incredibly versatile forms with ease? With close look, the extremely ingenious parts are excessively substantial and beautiful, from which incredible forms are constructed such as complicated four- dimensional polyhedron and other fantastic figures, needless to say various equilateral polygon and polyhedron.
It is literally a dream- come- true. I am just amazed.
The original concept of this kit was designed by one of American architects who are good at realizing dreams in order to plan a very peculiar polyhedron
dome. It is now known to all over the world and used by the tiptop artists and scientists to eventually make it the mightiest tool for the future designers
and The Nobel Prize winners.

It would be almost impossible for us Japanese to think of such an excellent
tool. I conceive it to be even derived from the difference between the Japanese
culture and that of the west.

Dr.Koji Miyazaki

Doctor of Engineering

Professor Emeritus at KyotoUniversity

Newly published book by Dr.Koji Miyazaki

Hyperfigure Science pubulished by Kyoto University Press



This kit should be in every school!”-Keith Critchlow, Educator and Geometer 

Beautifully made. The perfect construction kit for icosahedral quasicrystalline
models, and for many structures of mathematical interest.”-Roger Penrose, Mathmatician

“The Zometool considerably simplifies the procedure of construction and
unifies the study of space frame structures into one coherent system, of
great educational value in the teaching of solid geometry, science, art,
engineering, and architecture.”-H. S. Coxeter, Mathmatician

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