Green Company, Green Toys, Plantoys!

Green Company, Green Toys, Plantoys!

We are the Plantoy-Lover. Plantoys meets our criteria of selecting toys, ie. “Natural, Real, and Scientific”.

Plantoys has been pursuing to use the organic and natural material without

chemicals over 25 years now, while its design is the most innovative and

natural at the same time which is loved by children in 67 countries in

the world, and receiving many eminent awards such as Spiel Gut. It is also

highly scientific in the sense that is designed based on their profound

research and understanding of developmental psychology and studies.

All PlanToys begins with clean, natural rubberwood recycled from rubber trees no longer able to produce latex. 3 years before the wood is used, no fertilizer is added so that the wood stays chemical free. Moreover, to stabilize the wood PlanToys uses a time consuming chemical-free kiln drying process.
Plantoys is the first Thai Toy manufacturer in the world to have successfully recycled rubberwood to make toys. Look at these cute designs!! The warmth in the products invite children to touch. They are outstanding not only in their design also in safety. Their products are additive-free and coated with non-toxic coloring. By doing so, Plantoys hopes not only to contribute to the sustainable environment of our mother earth, but also to be able to convey the message of the importance of caring our environment when children play with toys by telling them where their toys are coming from. They have wonderful philosophy in their products; Fundamentally Strong, Fun to Play, and Play and Learn in Harmony withe nature.
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